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Each year, the number of people requiring care in the UK is rising due to increased life expectancy and an ageing demographic.  For example, in the UK currently we have 3m people over the age of 85, this number will have increased to 5m people in less than 13 years time which is the fastest ever increase in this age bracket.


Social care in the UK has never been free, but our demographic changes are resulting in more of us having to arrange and pay for our care ourselves.


Who pays for what across health and social care is anything but straightforward, and trying to navigate a path through this when there is a care need is invariably a difficult challenge.  From experience we know that for many financial advisers, to offer this guidance in-house can be long-winded and far from profitable.

We set up My Care Consultant to help clients navigate a clearer, less stressful path towards affordable and suitable care.  We outline their financial options including the provision of indicative quotes for the Immediate Needs Annuity and the benefits of financial advice.  At the point when the client has a true need of regulated financial advice, we refer them to (or back to) you, saving you time and money.


Client Services:

  • 1 hour Telephone Consultation - MCC offers 1 hour telephone consultations to give clients the opportunity to ask questions, air their concerns and receive guidance from one of our care advisers on important things they need to know.
  • Bespoke Care Report and Action Plan - following the completion of a fact-find, MCC creates a personalised care action plan providing clients with solutions to their care needs and clear next steps to take.


Adviser Support Services:

  • Individual adviser Consultancy Service  - helping advisers develop their care business and broader later life client propositions
  • Monthly/Bi Monthly Care Advice Newsletter  - helping advisers develop their understanding of social and health care and market developments
  • Creation of regular ‘sales aids’ in support of both regulated ‘paying for care’ and non- regulated ‘care’ advice
  • Development of suitability reports in respect of paying for care options
  • Partner Training Program – CF8, Non-regulated ‘care advice’, legislative developments etc



If you would like to get in touch with us, please send an email to: and reference your request “Later Life Academy” or call us on: (0) 203 290 3110.


Alternatively you can visit our website for more information.

Jacqueline Berry

Director, My Care Consultant


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