Deposit Sense

Maximise the value of your clients’ cash as well as their wealth.

Having the ability to help your clients manage their cash is the missing link in the proposition offered by most financial advisers.

Whilst actually being important at every stage of life, looking after cash is a more important requirement when care planning becomes relevant or necessary.

Help your clients to understand how to maximise the amount of interest they receive and help them to maximise the level of FSCS protection they want.

Deposit Sense has the system, the research and the analysis on all deposit accounts, wherever a commercial market exists, for you to build your client portfolios and to manage them to maintain the best possible returns.

Earn more money, maximise the value of your client base, build better connections with accountants and solicitors, and generate additional regulated business.

Helping your clients to manage their cash carries responsibilities and obligations. Deposit Sense has built a regulated process around a non-regulated asset class to enable the effective management of the following deposits.

1. Personal Deposits
2. Cash ISAs
3. Junior Cash ISAs
4. Business Accounts
5. Charity Accounts
6. Pension Deposits
7. Power of Attorney Deposits
8. Court of Protection Deposits
9. Trust Deposits

Deposit Sense will provide you with your own cash management proposition to enable you to work with your clients in protecting all of their deposits.

Special terms agreed for Later Life Academy members and a FREE 30 DAY TRIAL to get you going.

After the trial period the cost for Academy members is a £40.00 base fee for the main adviser and £10 for each additional adviser added from the company.

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